Montessori Campus

Research has shown that the first six years of the child’s life are the most critical in the terms of psycho_ social learning and development. Our school offer a sensible structured education that recognizes the unique attributes of each child and allow them to learn at their own pace rather than subjecting them to stressful and meaningless tests. Our teaching of Montessori is based on Dr. Maria montessories method of teaching.
Montessori campus has the following classes for students of different ages:

3 years, play group class .In this age the focus is basically on orals, class and school adjustments and to develop report with the teachers and fellow students.
4 years, nursery class. In this class mostly emphasis is on written and activity based learning.
5 years, prep class. At this stage the focus is entirely on preparing the students for adjusting to the higher classes starting from class 1 ,where written +oral studies start together