Teaching is based on the famous maxim “Do not fish for others but make them learn fishing” Education is imparted in conformity with all the modern techniques and methods, not forgetting to provide an environment to train perceptions and senses absorbing culture through preparation of their mental ability. Thus, developing practical independence, self-control, discipline and self-judgment, which prepares the child to be a better human to the society.

“Living is an art and it should be taught to the child” (Dr. Maria Montessori)

Classes are arranged chronologically in mixed ability groups whenever possible. A wide range of teaching styles are used according to the needs of the children and the demands of the subject being taught. A triangle of relationship is maintained which helps in bringing out the maximum potential in the student.

Mostly, our teacher possess “Master’s degree “along with some special teaching diploma or certificate courses. However, the minimum qualification set for all the teachers is not less than a graduate. They are hardworking, cooperative, innovative, amicable, dedicated and honest.

Trainings and Courses: (in collaboration with OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS)

  • Refresher Courses
  • Workshops
  • Subjects wise Sessions
  • Sessions on Child Psychology
  • Awareness Courses on Counseling