Extra Curricular Activities

Many elements of the curriculum spill over into co-curricular activities for the better development of the pupils.

  • Inter and intra class Quizzes
  • Debate and Speeches
  • Science and Art competitions
  • Naat and Qirat competitions
  • Millad
  • Field trips and Excursions
  • Sports day
  • Painting classes (Glass & Fabric)
  • Music / Karate Classes
  • Magic Shows
  • Eid Milan Party
  • Annual Parents Day
  • Picnics
  • Study Tours to Historical and informative places
  • Maximum utilization of internet to procure latest global knowledge
  • Coaching to acquire strict adherence to Islamic teachings
  • Regular religious lectures by imminent scholars
  • Celebrating special days for example Mother’s Day, Independence Day and Quaid-e-Azam Day etc